The Ongoing Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis

By admin April 28, 2020 3:15 pm

Our network of food pantries is feeding more people than ever.

Many people have lost their jobs and are without a paycheck. They are turning to our network to keep food on the table.

At Second Harvest, we are working around the clock to make sure that food distribution does not stop and gets out to the people who need it. We have started packing emergency boxes in our warehouse – it’s a box of staple items meant to be a 1-2 week supply of food. The boxes are easily distributed with limited person-to-person contact.

The health and safety of our volunteers and staff is at the forefront. We are following guidelines from Feeding America and the Departments of Health.

The cost of food has skyrocketed, prices through our wholesale vendors are up maybe 50% than where they were just two months ago. Mass buying at the grocery stores has led to dramatic tightening all the way up the food industry supply chain.

At a time when we need to feed more people, we are having a difficult time finding food to buy, and our dollar just does not stretch as far as it used to.

The best way to help Second Harvest right now is with a monetary donation. We can use donated funds immediately to continue our food distribution throughout the current COVID crisis and to also ensure that the shelves in our pantry network stay well-stocked in the months to come.

This is a terrible and frightening time, but the sincere showing of support from our community is a great bright spot.

On behalf of Second Harvest Food Bank, and the families we serve, thank you!

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