Fighting Childhood Hunger: Welcome, Meredith Mecca

By admin January 2, 2018 6:04 am

We are pleased to introduce Meredith Mecca, our newest Nutrition Educator. Meredith’s special focus will be on childhood nutrition. We are lucky to have her thanks to a generous grant from the Our Family Foundation of GIANT Food Stores.

Meredith comes to us from an extensive background of working with both children and adults in educational and volunteer settings.

Meredith tells us:  “I am passionate about nutrition, particularly in children.  Having spent many years teaching, I have seen first-hand how poor nutrition can have a negative and prolonged effect on a child’s ability to learn.  I am looking forward to working with parents, caregivers and educators, to help ensure that all of the children we serve have the advantage of proper nutrition.

The secret to good nutrition is in the food; therefore I am excited to visit our pantries and member agencies to conduct cooking demonstrations onsite with simple yet healthy recipes.”

Be sure to stop by and welcome Meredith the next time you visit our facility!


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