Free Friday Rules

1. Free Friday distribution takes place every other Friday from 1-2 PM at the Food Bank. Offerings will include perishable foods (fresh and frozen) and dry product that we have in overabundance.

2. The Free Friday menu will be posted by 9:00 AM Friday morning on the Second Harvest website (

3. Do not arrive any earlier than 12:00. We will not run out of product; there is no need to be early. To ensure the safety of our volunteers and staff, our parking lot and loading docks need to be clear for us to accept deliveries from tractor-trailers, and therefore cannot accommodate lines of agency vehicles. Arriving before noon will result in an end-of- the- line placement.

4. Agencies are served in an order. Numbers will be handed out between 12:30 – 1:00. Please note that we will not give a number to any agency arriving after 1:30.

5. Please take your number and return to your vehicle or the picnic bench area and wait for your number to be called. Please be careful not to block the stairway leading to the building.

6. When your number is called, you will be directed to move your vehicle(s) to a specific dock.

7. After parking your vehicle in the correct dock area, come inside. Please be ready. An attendant will show you what is available and several helpers will load carts for you with “case count” and “assorted” product. Since there is a high volume of agencies attending Free Friday, we ask that you make decisions quickly.

8. We are not able to set aside product that will not fit into your vehicle. Please only take what you can fit into your vehicle.

9. When you are finished selecting, your case count will be tabulated, your assorted will be weighed, and you will be asked to sign the Free Friday list. Second Harvest volunteers and/or staff will help load your vehicle.

10. Free Friday is held every other week.