Free Friday Rules

1. Free Friday will run from 12:30 to 2 pm.
2. Do not arrive before 12 pm as we are limited on space with construction. If you arrive before 12 pm, we will ask you to leave and come back at 12 pm.
3. At 12:10 we will come out with the product listings. Be prepared to fill it out immediately. You may also print out the list from our website and have it filled out in advance to give to staff when you arrive. This will speed up the process.
4. Be prepared to be here from 12 to 2 pm. We are no longer doing numbers or first come/first serve. We will do our best to get everyone out as fast as possible.
5. Do not arrive after 1:30 or you will not be served.
6. Product availability will be viewable by Friday morning of each event.

Free Friday in Monroe County – this is still on hiatus. We hope to restart this when we are in the green and safe.