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Member Agency Information


Agency Training
Each of Second Harvest’s member agencies is required by Feeding America to have trained staff and volunteers.  To support this requirement, the Food Bank provides opportunities throughout the year for member agencies to receive the information they need to make the best possible use of our resources.



When an organization becomes a member agency, representatives complete an orientation with the Food Bank Director, Agency Relations Coordinator, or both.  The orientation covers general Food Bank procedures including appointment scheduling for shopping and/or delivery, completing product order sheets, the pickup or delivery process, and member agency fees.  Also covered during the session are basic food safety to protect the integrity of the product that will be distributed and the health and safety of all participants and Civil Rights Compliance training for member agencies distributing government-supplied product.  Finally, member agencies will receive a tour of Second Harvest’s facilities.


Current member agencies are encouraged to take advantage of the orientation process whenever there are changes in staff or if staff and volunteers feel that they need a refresher. Call Second Harvest at 610-434-0875 to make an appointment.


Free Friday

Every Friday, from 1:00-2:00PM, Second Harvest opens its doors to member agencies in order to distribute any perishable items we have in our warehouse, including fresh produce, frozen, and refrigerated items.  Product is not subject to shared maintenance fees and agencies can accept as much as they can physically take back to their sites with them that afternoon.


As member agency representatives arrive, they should see the Inventory Clerk for an arrival number.  Beginning at 1:00 PM, member agencies are called in numberical order to pick the product they would like.  Product is distributed on a first come, first served basis until the last agency to arrive has been called.  Agency representatives must arrive by 2:00 PM to get a number; any agency arriving after that time will not be served.  For a complete list of Free Friday Rules, please click here.


For a list of the product available this week for Free Friday, click here (2/12/16)


Special Limited Time Tuesday Distributions

In the past few months, Second Harvest has received, literally, TONS of CVS and C&S product.  Items that we are receiving include diapers, cosmetics, toys, medicine, water, personal hygiene products, and cleaning products.  To help us get this product to you faster, we will be holding, for a limited time, special distributions every Tuesday at 1PM.  The distribution will be similar to Free Friday, however, we will be giving out ONLY the CVS and C&S product to member agencies.


We are encouraging all member agencies to come to these distributions on Tuesdays at 1PM at Second Harvest.  Bring your car, van, or truck and load up.  For more information, call us at 484-287-4015.


Hunger Action Workshops

During the Spring, Second Harvest organizes two Hunger Action Workshops for member agencies.  These meetings, held at convenient central locations, cover a variety of topics based on current issues.  More importantly, member agency representatives have the opportunity to interact with each other to discuss common concerns and to work out mutual solutions. Information on dates, times, and locations is available in the Agency Updates issued during the winter months.


Food Safety

All member agencies are required to have Safe Food Handling training.  Agencies with one or more staff members (paid or volunteer) certified in safe food handling should submit a copy of the certificate to Second Harvest.  Basic food safety training for those not certified will be provided by Second Harvest. Call the Food Bank to schedule.


The Food Bank periodically offers ServSafe classes for those member agencies that prepare and serve meals on-site.  Information is distributed once the classes are scheduled.  Currently, there is no charge to member agencies for this training and class size is limited.

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