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S.N.A.P. Eligibility (Formerly known as Food Stamps)

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the new name for the Food Stamps program. SNAP helps eligible households eat healthier by increasing their purchasing power for nutritious foods at grocery stores and supermarkets.


If you are eligible for SNAP, you will receive an ACCESS card that works like a bank debit card. This card allows program recipients to make food purchases at participating local grocers. The store uses the card to electronically subtract each purchase from the household's SNAP account; the household can only spend the amount that is in the account. This is not a credit card.


Are You Eligible for SNAP Benefits?

Most households are eligible if their gross income is lower than the amounts shown here*:


Current Income Guidelines

Household Monthly Income
1 $1,557
2 $2,098
3 $2,640
4 $3,181
5 $3,722
Plus 1 Add $542



*Higher amounts of savings/other resources may be counted.  Please call if you are unsure; we can calculate your eligibility.


Most one and two-person households with at least one member disabled or over 60 years old are eligible if their monthly income falls below $1,946 (for one person) or $2,622 (for two people).


The following persons may apply for SNAP benefits:

  • The head of the household
  • The spouse of the head of the household
  • Any other responsible household member
  • A designated authorized representative. This can be a friend, relative, neighbor or anyone else the SNAP applicant trusts to go food shopping and to use his/her SNAP benefits.

Get SNAP Benefits Over the Phone

To apply for SNAP benefits, simply call our toll free hotline at 1-866-203-3323 or email us.  Please include your name, phone number, and the best time to reach you during the day and someone will be in contact with you.