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 Hunger Advocacy

Why Is Hunger Advocacy Important?


Advocacy is critical to fighting hunger. At Second Harvest Food Bank of Lehigh Valley and Northeast

PA, we believe that it is not enough to assist other non-profits in distributing food to people in need, but that we must also advocate for systematic change that will, hopefully, reduce the root causes of hunger.

We strive to find long term solutions to end hunger in the Lehigh Valley and Northeast Pennsylvania. In order to do this, we need the help of dedicated volunteers who want to learn the issues and educate others about local hunger and what we can all do to ensure that families in need have access to nutritious food.

Advocacy involves any activity that attempts to change governmental policy. There are a number of ways to advocate for a cause, including spreading awareness about local hunger, contacting elected officials, attending public meetings, and planning your own events. If you believe that all people deserve to have enough nutritious food for themselves and their families and you want to work towards making systemic changes to end hunger, become a hunger advocate today!


What can you do today?

 Write A Letter - Click here for a list of elected officials, both federal and state.

 or Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper.

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