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Second Harvest Employee Listing



Paul Lynch
Voicemail: Ext. 3308
Direct Fax: 484-821-2282


Operations Manager

Michael Smith

Voicemail: Ext: 3311

Direct Fax: 484-821-2284


Administrative Secretary

Maria Arcelay

Voicemail: Ext: 3300


Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator

Janet Ney
Voicemail: Ext. 3314
Direct Fax: 484-821-2215


Agency Relations Coordinator

David Cool
Voicemail: Ext. 3301
Direct Fax: 484-821-2235


Development Coordinator

Briana McGonagle, MSW        

Voicemail: Ext. 3307
Direct Fax: 484-821-2278


Food Stamp Outreach Coordinator

Kathryn Hoffman           

Voicemail: Ext. 3306
Direct Fax: 484-821-2279

Inventory Clerk

Valerie Rivera
Voicemail: Ext. 3302
Direct Fax: 484-821-2222


Nutrition Educator

Kristina Parise           

Voicemail: Ext. 3313
Direct Fax: 484-821-2216


Nutrition Educator

Laura Scarpino

Voicemail: Ext. 3313
Direct Fax: 484-821-2216


Project Coordinator
Janet Meyer
Voicemail: Ext. 3304
Direct Fax: 484-821-2246


Warehouse Coordinator
Bruce Pope

Voicemail: Ext. 3311


Warehouse Workers/Drivers

Robyn Bleicher

John Paige

Shawn Moser

Omar Perez